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Welcome to Squad Phones

Are you struggling to get a contract phone? If you’ve been applying for a contract phone to no avail because of your bad credit, there’s no need to fret. No matter your credit history even if it includes history of CCJs or default, we can help. Understanding the need for accessible and affordable contract phone deals, Squad Phones is here to help you find exactly what you need. Partner with us and we’ll give you recommended phone contract deals you can get approved in as fast as within a day.

Who is Squad Phones?

Squad Phones is a trusted, dependable and leading name when it comes to bad credit mobile phones. With major carriers refusing people with bad credit a contract phone deal, our job is to make sure that everyone especially those with poor credit scores avail a contract phone. Our mission is clear-cut and simple. We exist to help by providing free quotes, expert advice and by connecting our customers to the right providers and the right contract phone deals that are not only easily accessible online but also incredibly affordable for any financial circumstance.

What We Do?

If you’re looking for a contract phone you can easily get approved for despite your bad credit, you’re in luck. With Squad Phones, providing you a range of contract phone choices is what we do best. We work alongside a large range of suppliers, providers and even comparison sites such as Money Super Market to ensure that every customer finds exactly what he or she is looking for. At this point, we’ve already helped numerous mobile users across UK. We promise to continue doing what we do best for as long as there are customers without a contract phone.

Why Bad Credit Phones?

With more people getting rejection upon rejection from major carriers in the UK, there is no better time than now to check out bad credit phones. These phone deals are offered specifically for people with less than perfect credit scores. Unlike traditional contract phone deals, bad credit phones do not require customers to have good credit. In fact, providers no longer run credit checks on applicants, which means application processing is often speedy and hassle-free. If you apply today, you can get approved within hours or utmost within a day provided that you meet the eligibility criteria.

Why Choose Us?

If you’re looking for the best bad credit contract phone deals, look no further than Squad Phones to help you find exactly what you want and need. With a solid track record to boast about, you can count on us to get the job done without hitch. With the help of our team of specialists, you’ll have expert advice and assistance always within your reach. With our high approval rates, you can also rest assured that your application will easily get approved no matter the condition of your credit rating. You just need to meet the basic requirements and you can get approved for a contract deal faster than when you apply from major carriers in the UK.

How to Apply?

To apply for a contract phone deal, just follow our simple application process. Start by completing the online form. We’ll just need your basic info so we can assess your financial situation accordingly. We will give you a list of recommended deals to choose from. You’ll have to pick a handset alongside a bundle plan for your calls, texts and data needs. Once you’ve picked a suitable, wait for approval confirmation. If your requirements are ready, we can approve your application in 24 hours or less.