About Us

Squad Phones is a leader in the UK market when it comes to bad credit mobile phones. Squad Phones is known for their offers of affordable, accessible and exciting bad credit phones. With no credit check involved, processing for phone contract applications are often easy, hassle-free and more important quick. In fact, we guarantee same-day approval for all phone contract applications. Granted that you meet the requirements and you have the needed documents on hand, we can approve your phone contract deal in a matter of hours or utmost up to 24 hours or a day.

Our mission at Squad Phones is really simple and straightforward. With major carriers rejecting contract phone applications when you have bad credit, we wanted to offer consumers with a budget-friendly alternative. We exist to cater to those who have struggled and have been refused a contract phone. By working with only the best and most reputable suppliers and providers in the UK, you can never go wrong when you partner with us. In fact, we are one of the few names in the market who can promise high approval rate for bad credit phone applications.