Why Choose Bad Credit Phones?

Bad credit phones are becoming more popular in the UK especially among mobile users with a bad credit history under their belt. If you’re thinking of applying for one yourself, here are some advantages to erase any doubts you have left about bad credit phones: Minimum requirements

Bad credit phones require only the most minimum of requirements. Most providers only require mobile users to meet the basic eligibility criteria, which include you being of legal age and a resident in the UK. Additionally, you’ll only need to prove that you financially able to pay the monthly fee to guarantee quick approval.

No credit check

One of the best things about bad credit phones is the fact that there’s no credit check to worry about. Major carriers in the UK usually require customers to have a good credit to be eligible to apply for a phone contract. That’s not the case with bad credit phones. Even if you have a poor credit score, you can still apply. In fact, bad credit phones exist to cater to customers like you.

Fast approval

With only minimum requirements to meet and no credit checks, approval for bad credit phones is super fast. Your provider will only need your recent pay slips to check to ensure that you’re financially in a comfortable place to handle the monthly fee. Once proven that you’re financially stale, you can get approved for a bad credit phone within hours up to 24 hours. Once approved, your handset will be delivered right on your doorstep, which you can immediately use after it’s been activated.

Available online

Bad credit phones are also becoming more and more available online. If you want a contract phone, just go online and search for the best providers. You can pick your phone and bundle plan right at the comforts of your home.